james f. willimas jr.

Most frequently asked question #1

How did you get involved in the paranormal.

Dark Waters Entertainment was founded in 2015 , in hopes that it would become a paranormal media group.

What transpired after that is nothing more than one huge testament to God ( Jesus Christ ). Back then I had recently divorced and was facing what I to this day call the triple whammy. I was only 10 years removed from the financial decimation that everyone in New Orleans jointly experienced due to Hurricane Katrina. Where I was forced to give up a career as a Electrical Engineer, only to be thrusted into turmoil of a broken marriage. While being repositioned in the world of power brokers within the City Of New Orleans due to allegiances. Long story short I found myself alone, and broken in many ways. The Dark Waters brand was birth from that pain. To this day our focus is capturing the essence of the human experience be it paranormal, abnormal, or just down right ghetto. The mission is to encapsulate that real life experience and package it in a format that the world can safely enjoy. 

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So what should you expect to get when you interview Dark Waters or when you reach out to share a paranormal experience with him?

Relatable Conversation

So much of what currently is the paranormal community Apple Podcast , Youtube, Tik tock and ect is focused on things that we as humans can not relate to. Example, take Bigfoot, no one knows what a bigfoot things or feels. Sure there are people who claim to have spoken to them however can we as humans relate to these beings? No ! What we can relate to is the human experience . The father who worries about his son or daughter . The mother at home alone when she hears a noise outside. That is what we focus on relating that human experience to your audience .

Gift of Knowledge and Understanding

When you really begin to dig deep into the human experience , or any paranormal experience there are these themes that resonate across peoples lives. Certain conditions that have been met that lead to these encounters. Some of these conditions stem from the actions of the person themselves. Other times is because of the actions of family members , or friends. When it all plays out there is a reason for people seeing black eyed kids, Shadow men, experiencing sleep paralysis, and a plethora of other paranormal conditions. That is the gift that I will impart to your audience in a entertaining and loving manner.

2 Timothy 1:7 KJV For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind

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